Steps to creating a RecorDIM Task Group

It is suggested that you follow these steps to complete as much of the first draft of your Task Group Proposal as possible, before submitting it to the RecorDIM Coordinator for feedback. These procedures should help you to define a well-focused task group and also expedite the process of its review and implementation.

  1. Read the RecorDIM Task Group Operational Framework, which briefly introduces the RecorDIM Initiative, and provides an understanding of roles and responsibilities related to the creation of task groups;
  2. Read pages 9 to 11 of the RecorDIM Roundtable-1 Report "Bridging the Gap Between Information Users and Information Providers" (46pp., PDF format, 404K). These pages provide an overview of generic gaps and needs that were identified as a basis to define RecorDIM Task Groups.
  3. Identify a specific gap that your organization would like to address and then define a Problem Statement that is be provided under the "Project Outline" section of you proposal. This problem statement should communicate what your task group intends to resolve.
  4. Complete as much as possible of the Task Group Proposal Template to communicate the essence of your task group’s purpose, activities and outputs.
  5. Contact specialists from other conservation organizations that are interested in playing the role of Information User and Provider within your task group. Page 3 of the Task Group Proposal Template provides a list of Partners and Potential Partners that you may wish to consider for your task group’s activities. As indicated under "Responsibility" (page 4 of the Operational Framework), the User and Provider that join your task group should be involved in defining the task group proposal. This is to ensure that the problem statement includes both the User and
    Provider perspectives and that the Task Group deliverables are designed to meet the needs of them both.
  6. Send your first draft proposal together with your draft letter of intent to the RecorDIM International Coordinator [] for comments. After revisions are made from feedback received, the RecorDIM Coordinator will circulate your second draft to the RecorDIM partners for review.

Documents for Creating a RecorDIM Task Group

For additional information please contact Robin Letellier at or call: 819-827-5950.