List of Task Groups

  1. Training: Metric Survey Skills in Conservation (1p., PDF format, 24KB)
    Chair: Sarah Lunnon, English Heritage, UK
  2. RecorDIM Information Warehouse (1p., PDF format, 24KB)
    Chair: Andrew Powter, HCD for Parks Canada, Canada
  3. Survey on Heritage Recording as a Property Management and Project Delivery Practice (1p., PDF format, 12KB)
    Chair: Natalie Bull, HCD for Parks Canada, Canada (rep. by Andrew Powter)
  4. Guiding Principles and Guidelines for the Recording, Documentation and Information Management of the Built Cultural Heritage (1p., PDF format, 12KB)
    Chair: François LeBlanc, Getty Conservation Institute, USA
    Illustrated Examples for the Recording, Documentation and Information Management of the Built Cultural Heritage
    Chair: Rand Eppich, Getty Conservation Institute, USA
  5. Low-Cost Standards for Architectural Heritage RecorDIM (1p., PDF format, 16KB)
    Chair: Lazar Sumanov, ICOMOS Macedonia, Macedonia
  6. Collecting, compiling, cataloging and sharing Heritage Stereo views (1p., PDF format, 200KB)
    Chair: Walter Schuhr, U. Of Applied Sciences, Germany
  7. Tabulation of task specific technologies for RecorDIM activities in India (1p., PDF format, 16KB)
    Chair: Divay Gupta, INTACH, India
  8. Rock-Art Science Task Group (1p., PDF format, 12KB)
    Chair: Daniel Arsenault, Institut du Patrimoine UQAM, Canada
  9. Generic GIS Template for the Management of Heritage Places (1p., PDF format, 16KB)
    Chairs: Fulvio Rinaudo, Politecnico di Torino, Italy; Guliz Bilgin, METU Faculty of Architecture,Turkey; Gaetano Palumbo, World Monument Fund, France
  10. Technical Monitoring of Large Archaeological Sites (1p., PDF format, 16KB)
    Chair: Peter Waldhäusl, CIPA, Austria
  11. Documentation for World Heritage Nominations and Monitoring (1p., PDF format, 12KB)
    Chair: Giora Solar, ICOMOS, Israel
  12. Persian Heritage Archive (1p., PDF format, 108KB)
    Chairs: Mahmoud Zolfaghari, RIGSI, Iran; Abbass Malian, Borde-Kootah Eng. Co., Iran
  13. Documentation and support of restoration of the traditional architecture in Nias, Indonesia (1p., PDF format, 88KB)
    Chairs: Ulrike Herbig and Petra Gruber, TU Vienna, Austria
  14. Multilingual Dictionary and Glossary of Terms for the Heritage Recording and Documentation in Internet (in short: The CIPA multilingual glossary/dictionary) (2pp., PDF format, 20KB)
    Chair: Jozef Jachimski, AGH, Poland
  15. Survey of architecture and cultural heritage by Photo-tacheometry (1p., PDF format, 32KB)
    Chairs: Michael Scherer, University of Bochum, Germany; José Luis Lerma, Politécnica de Valencia, Spain